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Three in a bed

Dear Tina I have just recently found out my girlfriend has been sleeping with my dad behind my back and my mums. They both said its was just a bit of fun…

Welcome, wagon

Dear Tina Recently my 23 year old son who lives at home asked if his girlfriend, who lives in the country, could stay with us for a couple of weeks while he…

Work break

Dear Tina I work in a busy deadline driven business. As such it is important to have each others back and to support each other. Until about a year ago I had…

Promoted to fail?

Dear Tina I was recently promoted in work. Its a busy corporate catering company. It was kind of a thrown-in-the-deep-end situation. One month in my boss called me in and told me…

Make sure cheaters never win!

Dear Tina I found out that my husband was lying to me for many years and I don’t know what to do. We have 2 grown up boys but our home is…
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