Promoted to fail?

Dear Tina
I was recently promoted in work. Its a busy corporate catering company. It was kind of a thrown-in-the-deep-end situation. One month in my boss called me in and told me I wasn’t doing a good job. There wasn’t much of an explanation, he made it clear I was under observation and that I had to do better. Thing is he didn’t explain exactly how I was supposed to get better. Should I have been offered training? I had never worked in a management role before. I thought I was doing ok.

This seems very odd to me…you were doing so well in the position you held in the company that management promoted you to a completely different role that you had never tackled before without any training at all and now, you are ‘under observation’ because they are not happy with your performance.


Firstly, did you apply for this job and, in your original cv, did you give them to understand that this line of work was something you had done in the past? If this is not the case, be very honest with yourself, how do you feel you were doing in your original job…I only ask as, if you had worked there for some considerable amount of time and they weren’t happy with you, promoting you to a job they felt you would have difficulty tackling would be a neat way of getting rid of you without the big payout.


If its none of the above then of course they should offer you training, if its during office hours, then more than lightly you won’t get paid for time off although they should pay for the training. I would go to HR and approach it not as a problem, simply that you want to excel in your new job but for that you will need to know where you are going wrong, why you are under observation and request training. If HR is non committal then trust me, this place is not for you, move on to somewhere you will be appreciated.

If HR is non committal then trust me, this place is not for you, move on to somewhere you will be appreciated.Tina Koumarianos

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  1. Having worked in the Corporate world (financial) for 33 years, there are many ‘hidden reasons’ why this could be happening, maybe this girl is exceeding and showing her peers up.. Knowledge is Power !!! As you said, maybe they are reducing staff to increase profits, to keep their shareholders happy.., Also the corporate world is one, where I seldom took many people (senior management) seriously, unless I had 110% trust in them. I was led by my gut.., Tina, I totally agree with you, if one is not being respected and appreciated, this will bring down a person’s self esteem, confidence, can lead to bad health etc.., so now that the employment market is buoyant, it is an excellent time to move, however not until she has another job in ‘the bag’…, I really wish this girl every success.., Do I sound cynical about the Corporate world ?? 🙂

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