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Dear Tina
I work in a busy deadline driven business. As such it is important to have each others back and to support each other. Until about a year ago I had a great working relationship with one of the other team leads in our company. I believed we had a shared view of the company. Things changed and she became very competitive, cutting me out of meetings and discussions, treating me like a member of her team and not her equal … even though I had no desire to move any higher up the company and made that clear. My life was outside the company and while I love my job, it is just a job, I give 100% 9-5 but that’s where it stops. I spoke to her directly about it, I even put it in writing, things got worse for a while and then better and then worse again. I have asked what was up, I have made it clear that I am open to discussion but at this stage I can’t keep up with the mood swings, its making me wonder whether going into work is even worth while any more … any ideas? Don’t women have an hard enough time in the workplace without shafting each other?

Sounds like the green eyed monster to me. You clearly have a life outside work…does she? You have made it very clear to her that you are very happy with all you have and show no interest in climbing the ladder any further and that could just be where her problem lies.

Are you better at your job than she is, are you more appreciated by management and staff? The mere fact that you love your job but are not a slave to it must be killing her as it sounds like that is all that’s going on in her head.

I really think you have done all you can do to try to make her happy but, I would be inclined to put it on record with HR as to what has been happening and your efforts to resolve the problem by talking to her and putting it in writing just incase she decides to make more of this. Tell HR you can deal with her at the moment but you would prefer to have it on record should she decide to kick off at a later date and don’t you dare give up your job..that would be playing straight into her hands and rewarding her bad behaviour.

Don’t you dare give up your job … that would be playing straight into her hands and rewarding her bad behaviour.Tina Koumarianos

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