I Swear …


On Tuesdays Midday show we were asked if we swear too much, a young mother in SouthCarolina had just been arrested in a supermarket after swearing in front of her children because the pizzas were squashing the bread in her trolley and a shopper had overheard her and called the police. The general consensus amongst the panel was that the offended lady caller had better not come to our homes or indeed this island as she would be in for quite a shock. I know I swear like a Trooper, always have and always will do although I do like to think I know when to put a sock in it. I rarely loose my temper and friends assure me that because of my accent, my swearing sounds more like a compliment rather than a dressing down – wasted really! It also occurred to me on the show that I can’t swear that much at home, my little oasis of tranquility, as have an African Grey called Jasper Parrot who is a very good mimic – did you know Harvard University researchers have found Greys have the cognitive powers of a four year old child and, like any four year old worth their salt, they would certainly have picked up on something as interesting as a naughty swear word. So, if I swear within ear shot, please don’t be offended…it’s just me!

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