Before becoming Social Editor and Agony Aunt at Image Magazine I worked as a PA for years. Every lunchtime, we’d gather around the kitchen table and, being one of the older members of staff, all the young ones would tell me their problems. Then one day, the editor overheard and said: ‘You’d be a great agony aunt.’

Being an agony aunt is probably the only job in the world where past transgressions are actually considered a plus. Reading about these things in a book is no use. Drink, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll — I like to experience everything just once. Between births, deaths, marriage, affairs and divorce, I’ve had a lot of experience. But it’s impossible to empathise with people unless you know exactly what they’re going through.

“The same problems keep pinging into my inbox. Loneliness seems to be the main thing. Despite the fact that we’ve never had more ways to communicate, a lot of people are still going home to empty flats. Tina Koumarianos

“The same problems keep pinging into my inbox. Loneliness seems to be the main thing. Despite the fact that we’ve never had more ways to communicate, a lot of people are still going home to empty flats. At social events, people often come up to me and say, ‘Do you have a minute?’ Half an hour later we’re still sitting there chatting! A large part of my job is reassuring people that they will get over it. No matter how bad it seems, in six months’ time you’ll look back and say: ‘What was I obsessing about?’

“Women in particular panic that if they don’t marry their boyfriend, they’ll never meet anyone else. I always tell them: ‘If you had turned left instead of right that day, you would never have met him in the first place.’ There cannot be only one person for you in the whole world. Reading other people’s problems makes me realise how lucky I am not to have many of my own. The best piece of advice I ever got was from my mother, who said: ‘Before you open your mouth, ask yourself, if someone said that to me, how would I feel?’ I base all my advice on what I would do myself. Nothing is insurmountable. At the end of the day, though, only you have the power to change your situation.

‘Before you open your mouth, ask yourself, if someone said that to me, how would I feel?’Tina Koumarianos

Since retiring from Image I have been a regular Panelist on TV3’s Midday programme and have often had the pleasure of sitting chatting with John Murray on his radio show.


These days you’ll find me on the Elaine Show on Virgin Media One every Monday, doling out advice on my regular Agony Aunty section.

Please do keep in touch.

    1. Hi Louise
      Thank you so much for your kind comments. Delighted you and your girls enjoy the show – keep watching!
      Tina xxx

    1. Very many thanks for taking the time to write Mary, luckily he wasn’t the love of my life and I was bemused by his impudence rather than hurt as he was a lot older than my friend or myself. My best friend (who he tried to date) is still my best friend and that’s the most important thing. Take care

  1. Love to see you on Midday Tina, you make my heart sing with joy. Love your views on life. You looking amazing. Keep strong and healthy.

  2. Hi Tina.I heard you speak on Midday one day about having plugs put in for dry eye.How do you feel noway time passes, are they a successful.? I am around the same age as yourself. thanks,Linda

    1. Hi Linda, sorry for the very late reply. I had Kamra Vision put in by Dr Arthur Cummings at The Wellington Eye Clinic at The Beacon in Sandyford. It’s the best thing I ever did as I couldn’t see my mobile phone screen, newsprint – everything like that. The op was only on one eye – one eye is for far vision and the other for near vision. He inserted a tiny disk in my eye – no pain whatsoever at any stage and the very next morning I could read everything in small print – best thing ever. My only slight problem is that first thing in the morning my eye is dry and I pop over the counter eye drops in. He tells me that it’s because I don’t completely close my eyes when I’m asleep – very attractive! During the day and in good light it’s a dream but in dark restaurants I still need Pound Shop reading glasses to read the menu but hey, that’s five minutes every so often. He said I should be fine for the rest of my life. I was extremely lucky to do it for a tester for the magazine I was working for at the time – I THINK its about €2,000 + but you’d have to check that out and worth every cent. Let me know if you decide to get it done and tell Dr Cummings I said hello!

    2. Hi Linda, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. In my particular case Plugs aren’t great but that is because I apparently don’t sleep with my eyes fully closed – attractive I know! My eye surgeon assures me if I wear an eye mask at night to push my eyes closed then I probably wouldn’t have the irritation but then, I would have a dent around my hair every morning☹️ Anyway, the surgery I had so I wouldn’t have to wear reading glasses anymore was amazing and five years on everything is perfect – is was called Kamra Vision by the Wellington Eye Clinic at the Beacon in Sandyford, Co Dublin – expensive…about €2,000 but never having to reach for reading glasses again was well worth it!
      I hope the above has been of some help. So glad you watch the show.
      Very best

  3. Hi Tina .just want to say I really enjoy when your on as a panelist with Elaine and before on the Midday show. Keep going lady .wishing you every happiness and success.
    Regards Denise Fitzgerald

  4. Hi Tina, just watching you on Elaine..a treat.
    I had a lovely chat with you in Maxi Zoo in Bray, recently..I felt I knew you, now I know why..
    I had my Yorkie, Rosie with me.
    Love the hair, you are so glamorous..

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