Beauty Queen?

Hi Tina,
Please can you give me some advice regarding a life-long friend of mine … We are both rapidly approaching 50, and still have a very active and busy lifestyles with work, family, and socialising with friends … and this is my issue – both of us are gay men, both are in a long term committed relationship with our respective partners, yet when we agree to meet up in a pub or restaurant my friend insists on wearing make-up – concealer, brows  fake tan – the works.  
While growing up and in our twenties my friend always wore make-up and this didn’t bother me at all – he is a very vain person (always has been ) and if it made him feel better then so be it.  However at this stage in our lives it looks ridiculous – I just don’t understand why he goes overboard to the point of it being blatantly obvious he is caked in gunk…. I don’t think he’s trying to appeal to a potential partner, he is happily attached. At home he never wears the stuff, and the same for work – it’s just when he goes out at weekends. He definitely does not want to be a woman, nor has he expressed any desires to dress like one – he’s very much a mans’ man in that respect. It’s like he’s two different people – the home everyday guy, and then the social butterfly at weekends.

How do I tell him to tone-it-down without falling out , because at this stage he is less Coco Chanel – and more Coco The Clown…………………


A   It’s interesting if his partner hasn’t said anything to him about his look if it’s SO OTT, maybe he has and has been shot down in flames so you need to tread carefully. You say this very vain guy has been a really good friend for the last 30 years so do keep in mind, many of us older divas do love to trowel on the slap to give ourselves some extra colour on our paling palor… especially if we don’t have the opportunity to do so during the week,  that’s when we can tend to get a little out of practice and exaggerate the look. As a REALLY good friend, why not broach the subject by finding some great fashion adverts with men merely enhancing their best features with just a little make up rather than the Johnny Depp look in Pirates of the Caribbean. Say you’ve just come across these pictures and suggest they would look really great on him with his colouring at this time of the year with so little natural light. Depending on just how friendly you are and what you are willing to spend on a Christmas present, why not buy him a day make up course for Christmas. These days, anything goes and the ladies do love a camp Queen … I learned more FABULOUS tips from pretty boys in the fashion industry than I ever did from my girlfriends!

These days, anything goes and the ladies do love a camp Queen..I learnt more FABULOUS tips from pretty boys in the fashion industry than I ever did from my girlfriend’s!Tina Koumarinos

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