Far off Hills

far off hillsDear Tina, I am soon to attend a family party where there will be a lot of people I haven’t seen for many years. The problem is, I always think that my life is so ordinary compared to theirs as a lot of them live abroad and to me, in comparison their life seems so glamorous. I live a very happy life with my family, work locally in a shop and have a few holidays a year. I have a good life and goodfriends but how can I make myself appear interesting?

Reading your mail, my immediate reaction was how well you’ve done and how very proud you should be of yourself. These days managing to remain in a job with a happy family life and a few holidays a year when so many others are having to up sticks and leave their home, family and friends to make a living abroad is quite a feat. These relations who haven’t seen you for so long would probably love to return home more often and, having experienced living an exciting life abroad for many years myself, I remember the incredible surge of delight on seeing the Irish coastline from the plane knowing I was returning home to happy times. It is worth remembering that the far off hills aren’t always greener although they may seem so to you. They are doing all the same things you do, getting up for work, school runs, grocery shopping etc. and maybe everything is rosy in their garden but no one has it perfect all the time. They are probably working around the clock to make a living and in their eyes your situation will seem like an oasis of ordered calm and tranquility and something to be envied. If you still feel it’s necessary to make yourself more interesting, something as simple as a new hair do or outfit for the big get together may be all that is necessary and don’t underestimate yourself – you are to be admired. Now sit back and enjoy the party!

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