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Petrol stations are a favourite hunting ground for bad manners, whether it’s customers going into pay whilst leaving their car blocking the pump to driving up to the first pump while leaving the pump in front of them empty. Only two nights ago I pulled into a petrol station in the pouring rain and, after checking three pumps, found that only one was dispensing Diesel, the others were sold out. I sat behind a car at the pump and because of the rain, the windows were very misted up so I couldn’t tell if the person was in the car or in the shop paying. After five minutes and with quite a queue building behind me I decided to get out to investigate the hold up. To my annoyance I found a dopey, spotty youth in a back to front base ball cap texting on his mobile. My overwhelming desire was to pull him from the car and rip his head off but being a Lady (!) I simply tapped on his window to which the response was, ‘what’? Realising I was clearly dealing with a mutant, I returned to my car to sit for another five minutes (I was blocked in front and rear so sadly escape was not an option ) while the mutant filled his car and went into the shop to pay. Not for one moment did he think he was in the wrong or that, having held up so many people for so long, it would be a good idea to pull into the parking area before going in to pay. Unfortunately, I have a feeling all the telling in the world won’t get through to him but… have you been guilty of this faux pas and will you think before blocking next time?

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