Help! Lifeguard!

Hi Tina
I’m starting a new job tomorrow as a lifeguard. I’m very nervous as it’s my first part time job and I’m not very confident. I’m worried I won’t make friends or enjoy the job, any advice? Thanks

Well, I haven’t met you and already I like the fact that you would potentially put your life on the line for others, not many would be that brave or caring! As it’s your first part time job, I take it you’re very young? Most people, no matter what age, feel the fear before starting a new job so don’t beat yourself up about that – it’s only natural. You must have had training to be a lifeguard – how did you get on with the others on the course? I should imagine people who choose a line of work which involves the possibility of saving lives, would be kind, caring and approachable and so, quite easy to get along with. Where is this anxiety coming from? Have you had bad experiences in the past with fellow pupils and if so, try not to worry, you are in the workplace now and although unpleasant things can happen there too, it usually has a root cause rather than school gang mentality. So what I say to you on your first day at work is, first impressions are so important – a nice smile, be kind, helpful and understanding to everyone you come into contact with and you should be just fine, it can be a stressful job and you can only do your best.

Enjoy and good luck!

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