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Dear Tina

I am in my late 30’s and have never been married but if the right man came along I would be very happy. A couple of weeks ago I attended a party in a pub for a man I had met socially some years ago. There were plenty of people there and at the end of the evening one of his friends came over and asked if I would meet him for a drink the following week and asked for my number. After we exchanged numbers he said it would need to be late evening as he was working and he didn’t want to go local, somewhere more secluded and he didn’t want me to discuss it with our mutual friend. As he was leaving he said he would phone the following day. Six days later he telephoned saying he had caught a cold and that’s why he hadn’t been in touch. Again he suggested going for a drink late at night and somewhere out of the area. I became a little nervous and said I was with people and would call him back, that was yesterday and he has called three times since but I haven’t answered the phone. What do you think I should do?

RUN! Sounds to me like this gentleman may be married as he wants to meet out of the area although, the late night thing is puzzling if he’s trying to sneak out of the house on a wife. Most worrying is, in a secluded area…what the hell is that all about? To go on a date with this man I’d forget about the fresh breath mints and pack a machete and an armalite rifle to give you a fighting chance..he sounds beyond weird. Honey, trust me on this, you are NOT that desperate and the way I see it, you would be more likely to go up the aisle in a box than in a wedding dress! Don’t delete his number as you need to know it’s him phoning but should he persist, answer the call, tell him the old saying, you snooze you loose and that you met someone else during the week he was supposed to call and leave it at that. If he persists, block his number but write it down should you need to identify him and tell your friends so they are in the know. I hope you meet someone lovely…happy hunting…and I don’t mean with the armalite!

You would be more likely to go up the aisle in a box than in a wedding dress!Tina Koumarianos

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