Tee Off

My husband and I have been invited on holiday to his friends house on a golf resort in Spain in October again this year, we have been out there for the past two years as my husband is a great golfer. However, I really dread it as his friend made a pass at me last year while on holidays and to top it off, his wife is really quite cutting to me out of ears reach of our husbands. I have mentioned the latter to my husband as a reason for me not wanting to go this year – I didn’t say anything about the pass her husband made as he is such a great friend and I don’t want to cause trouble. I’m sick at the thought of being left alone with either of them, what can I do?

You have a number of options; my favourite – tell your husband the whole truth about both of them because if he is so hell bent on this relationship, only the nasty truth will suffice to kill it off. Think of it this way, if you simply say that you don’t like his friends wife, your husband will accuse you of being petty. Personally I wonder if the wife got an inkling of what her husband was up to and, in true loyal wife fashion, has dumped all the blame on you. If you tell your husband that you don’t want to go on holidays with them this year with no reasonable explanation there will always be next year and the year after that. So, cut it dead, there’s a bust up, too bad – he should not have made a pass at his best friends wife and the best friends wife should know her gamey husband and shouldn’t be such a cow to the innocent!


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