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QMy boyfriend and I have been invited to his friends wedding – the catch is its in southern Spain and, as we are both on minimum wage, this is an expense we just can’t afford. We have both been saving up to have dental work done in Budapest, I need surgery for Wisdom teeth which are killing me and there is a years waiting list for hospital treatment here. All our friends and the wedding couple seem to think it’s a no brainer and we should just book the trip to the wedding and forget about our teeth. Also, the bride and groom have suggested we all book into the reception hotel which is quite expensive as they will get a discount on their wedding depending on how many guests stay there. How can we get it through to them that this dental treatment is not vanity but a much needed treatment to save other teeth?


AWhen it comes to attending weddings, sadly there is usually no reasoning with the couple involved. This is their once in a lifetime BIG day and therefore everyone must drop everything. Here’s the thing, the truth of the matter is your Wisdom teeth removal are definitely a once in a lifetime thing – marriage… not so much! You say you’re in pain and it’s having an effect on your other teeth – DON’T mess with your teeth, get this problem sorted and apologise to the happy couple. Say that due to finances you just can’t manage to make the trip even though you would both love to be with them on their wedding day. Buy them a gift you can afford and maybe go for a bite to eat or a drink with them before they head off. Trust me, they will get over it and you will feel a lot better!

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